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Get the path to the Code of Conduct (contributor covenent) file in a local repository.

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Install with npm:

$ npm install --save code-of-conduct-path


I'm using this to programmatically lint my own GitHub repostories for Code of Conduct files, to:

  1. Ensure that the file exists
  2. Ensure that the file is consistently named across all of my projects
  3. Check the contents to ensure it is up-to-date


Get a code of conduct file from the current working directory.

var coc = require('code-of-conduct-path');
//=> '/dev/some-project/'

Get the code of conduct file from the specified directory:

//=> '/dev/my-projects/foo/'

File patterns

Detects all of the following file patterns (node_modules is ignored):


Pull requests

Please submit a pull request if you would like to add one or more file patterns.



Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

Please read the contributing guide for advice on opening issues, pull requests, and coding standards.

Running Tests

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