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    API refer to Email:

    *Requires npm axios

    I created this npm package to communicate to the Open Source Cocktail DB API to help others and automate this task. This was submitted to the Open Source Cocktail API DB Forum .


    • NPM package gets installed, the param is set to "term" that is equal to the value of s. Which will search by name, this can be changed to how ever you like. Search bar has a value of term. Term sets the param ?s="term" which results in searching by cocktail name. It is not mobile friendly/optimized or too responsive, used as a learning experience to expand my knowledge on React.

    API Keys

    You can use the test API key "1" during development of your app or for educational use However you must apply for a key a production API key via email if releasing publicly on an appstore. The test key may be revoked at any time if abused.

    API Methods

    Search cocktail by name

    Search ingredient by name

    Lookup full cocktail details by id

    Lookup a random cocktail

    Search by ingredient

    Filter by alcoholic

    Filter by Category

    Filter by Glass

    List the categories, glasses, ingredients or alcoholic filters


    npm i cocktail-api-search

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