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WARNING this extension is deprecated since tslint is deprecated in favor of eslint.

Adds tslint to coc.nvim using the TypeScript TSLint language service plugin.

This is a fork of vscode-typescript-tslint-plugin.

Please refer to the tslint documentation for how to configure the linting rules.


Important: If you also have the coc-tslint extension installed, please disable it to avoid linting files twice.*

In your vim/neovim, run command:

:CocInstall coc-tsserver coc-tslint-plugin


You can either configure the TSLint extension using a tsconfig or jsconfig as described here, or configure it with coc.nvim settings.

Note the coc.nvim based configuration override the tsconfig or jsconfig configuration.

  • tslint.configFile - The configuration file that tslint should use instead of the default tslint.json. A relative file path is resolved relative to the project root.

  • tslint.jsEnable - Enable/disable tslint for .js files. Default is false.

  • tslint.ignoreDefinitionFiles - Control if TypeScript definition files should be ignored. Default is true.

  • tslint.exclude - A glob or an array of globs. Any file matching these globs will not be linted.

  • tslint.alwaysShowRuleFailuresAsWarnings - Always show rule failures as warnings, ignoring the severity configuration in the tslint.json configuration.

  • tslint.suppressWhileTypeErrorsPresent - Suppress tslint errors from being reported while other errors are present.

  • tslint.autoFixOnSave - fix autofixable issues on save.

Differences with the coc-tslint extension

  • The implementation as a TypeScript server plugin enables to shares the program representation with TypeScript. This is more efficient than the current coc-tslint implementation. The current TSLint implementation needs to reanalyze a document that has already been analyzed by the TypeScript language server.

  • coc-tslint can only lint one file a time. It therefore cannot support semantic tslint rules that require the type checker. The language service plugin doesn't have this limitation. To overcome this limitation is a key motivation for reimplementing the extension.



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