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    LTEX Extension for coc.nvim: Grammar/Spell Checker Using LanguageTool with Support for LATEX, Markdown, and Others

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    LTEX provides offline grammar checking of various markup languages in Vim/Neovim using LanguageTool (LT) and coc.nvim. LTEX currently supports BibTEX, ConTEXt, LATEX, Markdown, Org, reStructuredText, R Sweave, and XHTML documents. In addition, LTEX can check comments in many popular programming languages (optional, opt-in).

    The difference to regular spell checkers is that LTEX not only detects spelling errors, but also many grammar and stylistic errors such as:

    • This is an mistake.
    • The bananas is tasty.
    • We look forward to welcome you.
    • Are human beings any different than animals?

    A classic use case of LTEX is checking scientific LATEX papers, but why not check your next blog post, book chapter, or long e-mail before you send it to someone else?

    Find more information and documentation about LTEX on the official website.

    LTEX is a successor (since it's a fork) of the abandoned LanguageTool for Visual Studio Code extension by Adam Voss.


    Grammar/Spell Checker for VS Code with LanguageTool and LaTeX Support

    • Supported markup languages: BibTEX, ConTEXt, LATEX, Markdown, Org, reStructuredText, R Sweave, XHTML
    • Comment checking in many popular programming languages (optional, opt-in)
    • Comes with everything included, no need to install Java or LanguageTool
    • Offline checking: Does not upload anything to the internet
    • Supports over 20 languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, etc.
    • Issue highlighting with hover description
    • Replacement suggestions via quick fixes
    • User dictionaries
    • Multilingual support with babel commands or magic comments
    • Possibility to use external LanguageTool servers
    • Extensive documentation


    How to Use

    1. Install the requirements listed above
    2. Install coc-ltex by running :CocInstall coc-ltex
    3. If you want to check LaTeX documents: Add let g:coc_filetype_map = {'tex': 'latex'} to ~/.vimrc (Vim) or ~/.config/nvim/init.vim (workaround for #425, until neoclide/coc.nvim#3433 is released)
    4. Open a LaTeX or a Markdown document
    5. Wait until ltex-ls has been downloaded and started
    6. Grammar/spelling errors will be displayed! (if there are any)

    Information & Documentation


    npm i coc-ltex

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