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Cobaltians-CLI is a node.js command line to build Android and iOS Cobalt projects from an existing template.

More information on Cobalt can be found here.

Cobaltians CLI Installation

npm install cobaltians -g

Using the -g flag installs the package globally, so it can be used in any project. Use sudo if needed.

Create project from the command line

  1. Create your app from a sample

Choose a name and a base sample to create your first app :

cobaltians create myApp HelloWorld

This will create a "myApp" folder and ask if you want to create the corresponding iOS and Android projects.

Available samples are for example "HelloWorld" or "Catalog". Read more about them here.

You can open your projects with XCode for iOS and Android Studio for Android.

Be sure to have theses softwares installed and up-to-date SDK, JVM and build tools.

Choosing a template branch

You can use a fourth argument to the command line to select the branch of the template you want to use.

cobaltians create MyApp Catalog develop

What next ?

In upcomming releases, this command line tool will be able to :

  • Add and remove plugins
  • Add and remove platforms
  • Update itself and check for update automatically
  • Install Cobalt to an existing iOS or Android project.