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Coati Build Status


Streams GeoJSON data to a PostGIS configured PostgreSQL database.

Note: Casts all geometry using ST_Multi, let me know if this is a problem


To get started, install coati, via npm install --save coati.

var coati = require('coati');
var config = require('./config');
coati.go('insert', {
  config: config,
  inputFilePath: 'data.json',
  tableName: 'countries',
  propertiesMap: ['ObjID:id', 'Country_Name:name'],
  geometryColumnName: 'geom'

The config format is JSON with the following structure:

  "user": "test",
  "password": "password",
  "database": "myDb",
  "host": "localhost"

Command Line

npm install -g coati
coati insert -f data.json -c db.config -t providers -g geom 'OBJECTID:id, ProvName:name'

See help, via coati -h for more information and available options.


  • Allow passing db arguments individually, e.g.,, --db.user, --db.password
  • Up for suggestions..

Special Thanks

To Calvin Metcalf, who wrote most of the original code.


License is located here.