Enable support for generators in Mocha tests

Co Mocha

Enable support for generators in Mocha tests using co.

Use the --harmony-generators flag when running node 0.11.x to access generator functions, or transpile your tests using traceur or regenerator.

npm install co-mocha --save-dev

Just require the module in your tests and start writing generators in your tests.

it('should do something', function* () {
  yield users.load(123);

Install the module using npm install co-mocha --save-dev. Now just require the module to automatically monkey patch any available mocha instances. With mocha, you have multiple ways of requiring the module - add --require co-mocha to your mocha.opts or add require('co-mocha') inside your main test file.

Not currently supported.

Not currently supported.

The module monkey patches the method of mocha to enable generators. In contrast to other npm packages, co-mocha extends mocha at runtime - allowing you to use any compatible mocha version.