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Mailer extension for CompoundJS

  1. npm install co-mailer --save
  2. update config/autoload.js
  3. create config/mailer.js configuration, see [config/mailer.example.js][1]

Call compound.mailer.send('user/notification', user, event); to send email. Controller have sendEmail method with the same signature.

Put your mailer to app/mailers/mailerName.js. See [mailer example][2]. Mailer file should export set of emails, for example app/mailers/user.js:

exports.notification = function(user, event) {
    this.layout = 'base';
    this.locals.user = user;
    this.locals.event = event;
        subject: event.title
        cc: ...,
        bcc: ...,
        // full list of options available here:
        // you can populate all except 'html' and 'text'
        // which handled by mailer

Views for emails should be located in app/views/mail directory, and layouts in app/views/layouts/mail directory. Naming convention as follows: mailerName/emailType.format.js. For example for user mailer's notification email it will be:


Layout name by default is default.{html,text}.ejs, if mailer find app/views/layouts/mail/user.html.ejs it will be used for user mailer. But default could be overwritten in mail handler.

Any compoundjs helper available in view. Path helper should be used with {baseURL: 'http://my.domain.tld'} option, or specify it baseURL in config. Otherwise you get useless paths in email.

[1]: [2]:

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