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A Command Line Interface for installing and managing Co.Koa applications

Installation of co-koa-cli co-koa-cli is available to install on NPM: npm i co-koa-cli -g

Installing a new Co.Koa project on your system with the co-koa-cli installed, in terminal, simply navigate to a desired directory in terminal and type: co-koa-cli --create

fill in a few details (these can be changed afterwards by modifying your project's package.json) once installation is finished, type npm install to download the project's core dependencies.

That's it, you're all setup. go to /config/config.json and wire up your mongoDB connection! (Co.Koa requires a MongoDB instance. A MongoDB instance must be present and running to start a Co.Koa instance. Please visit mongoDB for more information);


  --version           Show version number                              [boolean]

  --create            build a new Co.Koa application in your current working
                      directory or, if supplied, an absolute directory. Ensure
                      you have permission to write!                     [string]

  --createController  creates a Co.Koa Controller. Must be supplied with a name
                      (without the word "Controller" appended to it).   [string]

  --createModel       creates a Co.Koa Model. Must be supplied with a name.

  --createService     creates a Co.Koa Service. Must be supplied with a name
                      (without the word "Service" appended to it).      [string]

  --help, -h          Show help                                        [boolean]

for more information on Co.Koa and its installation, navigate to the Co.Koa github page.



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