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Generators for compoundjs

Generators for CompoundJS MVC framework.

compound generate model modelName [ field, ... ]

modelName: word in singular form

field: word OR word:datatype, when :datatype is missing String property created

Model generator create/patch following files and directories:

create  ./app
create  ./app/models
create  ./app/models/modelName.js
patch   ./db/schema.js
compound g model user email password approved:boolean

Example above will generate User model with the following fields:

  • email: String
  • password: String
  • approved: Boolean

Following example will generate Post(title, content) model using coffee-script

compound g post title content --coffee

Generate controller with number of actions and views

compound generate controller controllerName [actionName, ...]

controllerName: word (plural or singular form)

actionName: word in camelcase with first lowercase letter

Model generator create/patch following files and directories:

exists  ./app
exists  ./app/controllers
create  ./app/controllers/controllerName_controller.js
exists  ./app/helpers
create  ./app/helpers/controllerName_helper.js
exists  ./app/views
create  ./app/views/controllerName
create  ./app/views/controllerName/actionName1.ejs
create  ./app/views/controllerName/actionName2.ejs
create  ./app/views/controllerName/actionNameN.ejs

compound generate controller profile show edit

exists  app/
exists  app/controllers/
exists  app/helpers/
exists  app/views/
create  app/views/profile
create  app/controllers/profile_controller.js
create  app/helpers/profile_helper.js
create  app/views/profile/show.ejs
create  app/views/profile/edit.ejs

Generate controller with CRUD actions, views, and model. Patch routes and schema. Most powerful generator for quick prototyping.

compound generate crud modelName [ field, ... ] [ options ]

modelName: word in singular form

field: word OR word:datatype, when :datatype is missing String property created


  • --noeval - create noeval controllers
  • --tpl - specify templating engine (ejs and jade supported)
compound generate crud post title content

Will generate scaffold for Post(title, content) model. Following files/directories will be created:

create  client-side.js
create  app/
create  app/controllers/
create  app/helpers/
create  app/views/
create  app/views/posts/
create  app/views/layouts
exists  test/
exists  test/controllers/
create  app/controllers/posts_controller.js
exists  app/
create  app/models/
create  app/models/post.js
patch   db/schema.js
create  app/views/layouts/posts_layout.ejs
create  app/views/posts/_form.ejs
create  app/views/posts/show.ejs
create  app/views/posts/new.ejs
create  app/views/posts/edit.ejs
create  app/views/posts/index.ejs
create  app/helpers/posts.js
exists  test/controllers/posts_controller_test.js
exists  test/test_helper.js
patch   config/routes.js
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