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  • Basic module to manage CronJobs for your Compound.js Application
  • Based on the excellent npm cron module
  • Check cron out for more documentation on Node.js cron implementation


npm install co-cron
  • add 'co-cron' to your autoloaders
  • Use the config/initializers/initialize.[js/coffee] to configure Cronjobs on start of an application
  • You can manually create CronJobs or route automation at any time via the methods


Cron_Wrapper#daemonize_route(namespace, options)

daemonize a specific route on your compound.js app so you can keep your code in the controller and still make it client accessible

compound.cron.daemonize_route 'test',
  route: 'api#test'
    example: true
  cronTime: '* * * * * *' # every second 
  start: false

Cron_Wrapper#job(namespace, options)

task = ->
    # Runs every weekday (Monday through Friday) 
    # at 11:30:00 AM. It does not run on Saturday 
    # or Sunday. 
    console.log "I am a lovely function"
compound.cron.job 'test',
  cronTime: '00 30 11 * * 1-5'    # cron time 
  onTick: task                    # function to perform 
  start: false                    # to autostart the job or not 
  timeZone: "America/Los_Angeles" # schedule it based on a specific timezone  

A convience wrapper for cron's base CronJob creation method


Stops & removes a job stored on a namespace from the object


Starts a job stored on the namespace in the object


Stops a job stored on the namespace in the object

  • checkout examples/