Nanometers Per Millisecond
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Clone package to your home directory

Run npm install

Adding a core component

Suppose we are working on and would like to add a Tooltip component, which could also be used on or future projects. To work on this component with live reload enabled you will need to do the following.

  1. Run npm link in cmx-components directory
  2. Run npm link cmx-components from directory of repo
  3. Run npm start in cmx-components to have webpack watch all files in src directory

When finished run the following

  1. Ctrl + c in cmx-components
  2. Run npm unlink in cmx-components
  3. Run npm unlink cmx-components in

What is npm link

When you run npm install in the directory, npm looks at dependencies in package.json file to identify all the packages it will need to download into its node_modules directory.

Since npm supports pointing packages to relative files we point cmx-components relatively using "file://./../cmx-components"`.

When npm installs the cmx-components package it looks at the cmx-components as if it were any other npm package and copies it to folder.

Using npm link we override downloading to node_modules folder and instead have it symlink to cmx-components directory.




npm i cmx-components

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