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Cmdt is a command-line tool for testing command-line tools.

This is handy for testing a command line execution result by checking its exit code and output. Commands will be executed in a temporary directory /tmp/cmdt--/ , this directory will be removed after all tests are completed unless -d/--debug flag is specified.


npm install -g cmdt


Run tests on specified test files:

cmdt run <file1>.yml <file2>.yml

Run all test files contained in a directory:

cmdt run <dir>

Debug exit code and output of failing tests, temporary directory will be logged and won't be removed at the end of the execution:

cmdt run --debug <file>.yml <dir>

Test File

Set test command, expected exit code and/or output regular expression in a .yml file:

- description: should display user name
  command: whoami
  exitcode: 0
  output: someuser

- command: time
  exitcode: 0
  output: real.+(\r\n?|\n)user.+
  stdout: real.+(\r\n?|\n)user.+

- command: unknowncommand
  exitcode: 1
  stderr: ^some error$

Parameters can also be specified, and used in test command:

- params:
    first_name: 'Theodore'
    last_name: 'Twombly'
    url: 'http://localhost'

- command: 'echo "Hey {first_name} {last_name}!"'
  exitcode: 0
  output: 'echo "Hey Theodore Twombly!"'

- command: 'wget {url}'
  exitcode: 0

Environment variables are available as _env parameter in test commands:

NAME="Theodore Twombly" cmdt run <file>.yml <dir>

- command: 'echo "Hello {_env.NAME}!"'
  exitcode: 0
  output: 'echo "Hello Theodore Twombly!"'

Test fixtures files and directories can be specified in fixtures array, which will then be copied to test execution directory:

# assuming path/to/data_dir/foobar.txt and path/to/another_dir/barfoo.txt exist
- fixtures:
  - path/to/data_dir
  - path/to/another_dir/barfoo.txt

- command: 'file foobar.txt'
  exitcode: 0

- command: 'file barfoo.txt'
  exitcode: 0

Test Fields

Name Description Mandatory
description description of the test No
command command line to be executed Yes
exitcode expected exit code No
output stdout + stderr output, regexp matching No
stdout stdout only output, regexp matching No
stderr stderr only output, regexp matching No


Success with directory arg screenshot Failure with file arg on debug mode screenshot


Developer's Guide

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