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Command-line tool for testing command-line tools

Cmdt is a command-line tool for testing command-line tools.

This is handy for testing a command line execution result by checking its exit code and output. Commands will be executed in a temporary directory /tmp/cmdt--/ , this directory will be removed after all tests are completed unless -d/--debug flag is specified.

npm install -g cmdt

Run tests on specified test files:

cmdt run <file1>.yml <file2>.yml

Run all test files contained in a directory:

cmdt run <dir>

Debug exit code and output of failing tests, temporary directory will be logged and won't be removed at the end of the execution:

cmdt run --debug <file>.yml <dir>

Set test command, expected exit code and/or output regular expression in a .yml file:

- description: should display user name
  command: whoami
  exitcode: 0
  output: someuser

- command: time
  exitcode: 0
  output: real.+(\r\n?|\n)user.+
  stdout: real.+(\r\n?|\n)user.+

- command: unknowncommand
  exitcode: 1
  stderr: ^some error$

Parameters can also be specified, and used in test command:

- params:
    first_name: 'Theodore'
    last_name: 'Twombly'
    url: 'http://localhost'

- command: 'echo "Hey {first_name} {last_name}!"'
  exitcode: 0
  output: 'echo "Hey Theodore Twombly!"'

- command: 'wget {url}'
  exitcode: 0

Environment variables are available as _env parameter in test commands:

NAME="Theodore Twombly" cmdt run <file>.yml <dir>

- command: 'echo "Hello {_env.NAME}!"'
  exitcode: 0
  output: 'echo "Hello Theodore Twombly!"'

Test fixtures files and directories can be specified in fixtures array, which will then be copied to test execution directory:

# assuming path/to/data_dir/foobar.txt and path/to/another_dir/barfoo.txt exist
- fixtures:
  - path/to/data_dir
  - path/to/another_dir/barfoo.txt

- command: 'file foobar.txt'
  exitcode: 0

- command: 'file barfoo.txt'
  exitcode: 0
Name Description Mandatory
description description of the test No
command command line to be executed Yes
exitcode expected exit code No
output stdout + stderr output, regexp matching No
stdout stdout only output, regexp matching No
stderr stderr only output, regexp matching No

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