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A command line analyser for Node.JS

Node module - CMD-Conf

A command line analyser for Node.JS. View NPM registry

This module analyses the command line syntax to extract parameters and return them into an associative array.


I want to configure my listen port and activate the verbose mode like this :

$ node server.js -p 80 -v
$ node server.js --port 80 --verbose


    var cmdConf = require('cmd-conf');
        listenPort:{ // Define the 'listenPort' key configuration 
            key: 'port', // Configure command key name (different than param key) 
            shortKey: 'p', // Configure the short key 
            action: 'get', // Define action to get parameters in commande line. 
            number: 1 // Define the number of parameters to get. (They must be consecutive) 
            defaultValue: 85 // If the parameter not given, use the default value; 
            shortKey: 'v',
            action: 'set', // Set a static value 
            value: true // The value to set 
        // If de action is not define, the item is consider as a static configuration. 
            value: true
        staticString: 'foo bar'
    var params = cmdConf.getParameters();
    var myPort = params.listenPort;
    var verbose = params.verbose;

If you give a simple string to the configure() method, witch represent the path of a JSON file, cmd-conf try to resolve path and load config from this file.

More information coming soon