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    === Clyde ===

    Contributors: ulinaaron Requires at least: WordPress 4.7 Tested up to: WordPress 5.0 Stable tag: 1.10.0 Version: 1.10.0 License: GNU General Public License v3 or later License URI: Tags: flexible-header, accessibility-ready, custom-colors, custom-menu, custom-logo, editor-style, featured-images, rtl-language-support, threaded-comments, translation-ready

    A framework theme by Stevens Advertising. Optimized for the Elementor page builder.

    == Description ==

    A plain-vanilla theme, best suited for building your site using Elementor plugin. This theme resets the environment and prepares it for smooth operation of Elementor.

    If you wish to customize your theme & site, just use Elementor!.

    = Hooks =

    to prevent the loading of any of the following settings, add the following code to your child-theme functions.php:

    add_filter( 'choose-from-the-list-below', '__return_false' );

    • clyde_load_textdomain load theme's textdomain
    • clyde_register_menus register the theme's default menu location
    • clyde_add_theme_support register the various supported features
    • clyde_add_woocommerce_support register woocommerce features, including product-gallery zoom, swipe & lightbox features
    • clyde_enqueue_style enqueue style
    • clyde_register_elementor_locations register elementor settings

    = Style =

    In order to change the styling used throughout the site, use Elementor.

    However, if for some reason there is still a need to add or change the site's css, please take into account the following:

    1. files located under reset directory, should NOT be edited directly.
    2. in order to change any of the values defined in preset/variables.scss, add your style code to custom/pre_default.scss.
    3. any new scss files should be located under custom/ directory, and imported in custom/custom.scss.

    == Installation ==

    1. In your admin panel, go to Appearance > Themes and click the 'Add New' button.
    2. Type in 'Elementor Hello' in the search form and hit the 'Enter' key on your keyboard.
    3. Click on the 'Activate' button to use your new theme right away.
    4. Navigate to Elementor and start building your site.

    == Frequently Asked Questions ==

    Does this theme support any plugins?

    Elementor Hello includes support for WooCommerce.

    Can Font Style be added thru the theme's css file?

    Best practice is to use the styling capabilities in the Elementor plugin.

    == Changelog ==

    = 1.10.0 =

    • Ship Clyde with default assets.

    = 1.0.8 =

    • Adds additional hooks.

    = 1.0.7 =

    • Initial import data process being baked in. Doesn't do much yet. Requires One Click Importer

    = 1.0.5 =

    • Add defaults for Elementor Grid Columns and Heading font sizes.

    = 1.0.4 =

    • Patch for default container options not respecting the container layout.

    = 1.0.3 =

    • Add default options for Page Title and Container in Clyde Tools Theme tab.
    • Move required plugins to to decrease theme file size.

    = 1.0.2 =

    • Improve security - Prevent direct access to core functionality.

    = 1.0 =

    • Initial release




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