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Clusty is a command-line utility for running many node applicates as a single process


Install clusty globally:

npm install -g clusty

You run clusty at the root path of a number of applications. Clusty allows you to start, stop or watch your cluster. It will log output files to ~/.clusty and you can execute tail operations on the log files.

Given an application structure as shown below, you would execute clusty commands with the working directory as app.


Inside of the root application directoy, you can run clusty to manage the sub-services:

# start the cluster of services 
clusty start
# stop the cluster of service 
clusty stop

You can also execute any shell script across all directories

clusty <script>
clusty 'npm install'
clusty 'npm run build'

You can see what is running in the cluster

clusty ps

You can look at the log files being generated by your application:

clusty tail
clusty tail <uid|index>
clusty tail evil_tesla

You can stream the tail as well

clusty tail -f
clusty tail -f <uid|index>
clusty tail -f evil_tesla