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Clustergrammer is a web-based tool for visualizing high-dimensional data (e.g. a matrix) as an interactive and shareable hierarchically clustered heatmap. Clustergrammer's front end (Clustergrammer-JS) is built using D3.js and its back-end (Clustergrammer-PY) is built using Python. Clustergrammer produces highly interactive visualizations that enable intuitive exploration of high-dimensional data and has several biology-specific features (e.g. enrichment analysis, see Biology-Specific Features) to facilitate the exploration of gene-level biological data. Click the screenshot below to view an interactive tutorial:


Clustergrammer's interacive features include:

Clustergrammer can be used in three main ways (this repo contains the source code for Clustergrammer-JS):

For information about building a webpage or app using Clustergrammer see: Web-Development with Clustergrammer

Using Clustergrammer

Pleae see Clustergramer's documentation for detailed information or select a specific topic below:


Clustergrammer was developed by the Ma'ayan lab at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai for the BD2K-LINCS DCIC and the KMC-IDG. Clustergrammer's license and third-party licenses are in the LICENSES directory and more information can be found at Clustergrammer License.

Please contact us for support, licensing questions, comments, and suggestions.