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CluedIn Rest project is the place where all the data access to the CluedIn API are done.

How to install

npm install cluedin-rest

Naming convention

Every service provided by this library are prefixed with '$C_'. This is to quickly identify when using the service that it comes fo the cluedin-rest package.

How to use

You need to have angular in you page and after simply reference the file '' from the dist folder.

How to execute the test

Checkout the code, install all the dependencies:

npm install

Build the file


Execute all the Test using Karma (integration testing using angularjs)

karma start angular.conf.js

You should be good to do.

How to write a Test

Create a File and give it an appropriate fileName. When done, add a reference to id in the index.js file contained in the 'test' folder.

The test are created using Jasmine 2.0 and are mainly mid-ways tests as it actually hit the server.