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Clout Javascript Framework NPM version Build Status

The Vision

Having developed many server-side services using a wide range of enterprise and open-source frameworks, I realized all of them had one thing in common. They all pushed you to use certain technologies in certain ways.

It all came down to going back to the basics and using express to build any project. Each project had slight variations in packages and thus came the concept of clout-js. A de-coupled event based frameworks that allows you to use whatever technology you would like to use. Modules can be packaged up and re-used in different projects. Even the core-modules such as starting the server could be replaced by writing an override.


$ npm install clout-js@beta --save


These commands should be run in this directory.

Run tests

$ npm run test

Create documentation

$ npm run gendoc

Run application with this instance

$ APPLICATION_PATH=<clout-js-applcation> npm run start


const clout = require('clout-js');
clout.on('started', () => {
    ['https', 'http'].forEach((key) => {
        let server = clout.server[key];
        if (server) {
            let port = server.address().port;
  '%s server started on port %s', key, port);

Clout Application Loader default paths

The following folders are default application searchpath.

Directory purpose
/conf contains configuration w/ support for NODE_ENV
/apis contains apis for the application
/hooks hooks which can be invoked before an api
/models contains models (native support for sequalize)
/public public assets folder
/controllers contains controllers for application

Enviromental Config

NODE_ENV=development npm run start

You can load different configuration files depending on the env variables. For example, the usage of NODE_ENV=development (default) would load the following configuration files into the application;

  • conf/default.js
  • conf/**.development.js
  • conf/development.js

Another example is NODE_ENV=production which would load the following files;

  • conf/default.js
  • conf/**.production.js
  • conf/production.js

Clout-JS Module List

package-name description
clout-redis-session Clout module to leverage Redis for sessions
clout-passport Clout module to implement passport
clout-parse Parse module
clout-mongoose Clout module to leverage mongoose for models
clout-18n Clout module to implement i18n
clout-socket-io Clout module to leverage
clout-sequelize Clout module to leverage sequelize for models
clout-flash Flash message middleware module for Clout-JS


npm i clout-js

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