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    Playfab CloudScript Server

    A command line program for running your cloudscript code locally

    Has stack traces for Javascript and API errors
    Listens to file changes and restarts the server to reflect the latest changes


    First install the package:

    npm install -g cloudscript-server

    This service requires 2 environment variables:

    TITLE_ID = "your project title id"
    TITLE_SECRET = "your project developer secret"

    You can use a .env file in the same cloudscript project folder for setting up the environment variables, if you do this, remember to add the .env file to the .ignore file for your repository to avoid sensitive keys leaking

    Then run the program in your cloudscript project directory:


    The default port of the server is 8080, this can be changed by passing a -p or --port argument to the program

    You can also use a -d or --dir argument to point to your cloudscript project folder

    For testing in the editor you have to set in your PlafabSharedSettings.asset the ProductionEnvironmentUrl to

    Extra features

    For generating typescript typings you can run:

    cloudscript-server typings

    For publishing a minified version directly to playfab run:

    cloudscript-server publish


    This server should not be used in production, it will not work, the currentPlayerId is setted as a global variable, so if a new request arrive to the server while another request is processing the currentPlayerId will be changed and things will break, in fact, only one user can use this server at a time because of this.

    Depending of your location and the amount of api request in your handler this server can be really slow due the higher latency between your location and the playfab servers (currently Oregon).

    This package is arriving a litte late, it should have been done by Playfab ages ago, but better late than never...


    npm i cloudscript-server

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