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generic way of exucting concurrent commands based on information of your cloud (currently AWS)


npm install -g cloudrunner


  • This project allows you to use moustache syntax when you specify your command to run.
  • Available are {{ ip }}, {{ name }}
  • It runs the command local , but you can use ssh to run things remotely
  • If any of the commands on any vms is not 0 , the run will end!
  • You can do canary runs (test a few and continue on the rest)
  • You can specify the concurrency to speed up parallel execution

Example Usage

Export your aws credentials

export AWS_ACCESS_KEY=<your access key>
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<your secret key>

Example usage

Show ip of all members of elb

cloudrunner run --select-lb-members <the-elb-name> 'echo {{ ip }}'

Show ip of all members of elb per 5 host

cloudrunner run --select-lb-members <the-elb-name> --concurrency 5 'echo {{ ip }}' 

Show Name of all vms with a name prefix

cloudrunner run --select-name-prefix production-frontend 'echo {{ name }}'

Print hostname of all vms by ssh in vm

cloudrunner run --select-name-prefix production-frontend 'ssh ubuntu@{{ name }}'

Curl to webpages on all vms

cloudrunner run --select-name-prefix production-frontend 'curl -I http://{{ name }}'

Curl to webpages on all vms (but test one first)

cloudrunner run --canary 1 --concurrency 5 --select-name-prefix production-frontend 'curl -I http://{{ name }}'

Restart all apache services on all selected vms (test one first and verify if it works)

cloudrunner run --canary 1 --concurrency 5 --select-name-prefix production-frontend 'ssh ubuntu@{{ ip }} restart apache' --verify 'curl http://{{ ip }}


 Usage: run [options] <command>


   -h, --help                     output usage information
   --verify [command]             Command to verify
   -c,--concurrency [number]      Number of concurrent executions
   --canary [number]              Number of canary executions
   --provider                     Cloud Provider (default=aws)
   --aws-region [region]          AWS Region (default=eu-west-1)
   --namespace [namespace]        namespace for names
   --aws-access-key [key]         AWS Access Key
   --aws-secret-access-key [key]  AWS Secret Access Key
   --select-lb-members [elbname]  Select vms that are member of ELB
   --select-name-prefix [prefix]  Select vms where name begins with prefix
   --select-ids [ids]             Select vms where the id matches (Comma Separated)
   --select-ips [ips]             Select vms where the ips matches (Comma Separated)