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cloudflash xl2tpd module implements xl2tpd configuration on unix systems


List of xl2tpd APIs

POST/xl2tpdcreate xl2tpd.conf and on
POST/xl2tpd/chapsecretscreate chap-secrets
POST/xl2tpd/optionscreate options file
GET/xl2tpd/:idget xl2tpd.conf
GET/xl2tpd/chapsecrets/:idget chap-secrets
GET/xl2tpd/options/:idget options file
DEL/xl2tpd/:iddelete xl2tpd.conf and on
DEL/xl2tpd/chapsecrets/:iddelete chap-secrets
DEL/xl2tpd/options/:iddelete options file
PUT/xl2tpd/:idmodify xl2tpd.conf and on
PUT/xl2tpd/chapsecrets/:idmodify chap-secrets
PUT/xl2tpd/options/:idmodify options file
Verb          URI                     Description
POST        /xl2tpd              create/modify xl2tpd.conf and on
PUT         /xl2tpd/:id

{ "port" : 1701,
"auth file" : "/config/xl2tpd/chap-secrets", "ipsec saref" : "yes", "exclusive" : "yes", "ip range" : "", "lac" : "", "local ip" : "", "require chap" : "yes", "refuse pap" : "yes", "require authentication" : "yes", "name" : "test", "ppp debug" : "yes", "pppoptfile" : "/config/xl2tpd/options", "length bit" : "yes" }

Verb            URI                     Description
POST    /xl2tpd/chapsecrets    create/modify chap-secrets file
PUT     /xl2tpd/chapsecrets/:id

{ "secret" : "test 009"

Verb           URI                 Description
POST    /xl2tpd/options    create/modify options file
PUT     /xl2tpd/options/:id 

{ "ipcp-accept-local": "", "ipcp-accept-remote": "", "ms-dns" : ["", "" ], "ms-wins": [ "", "" ], "noccp":"noccp", "auth":"auth", "idle": 1800, "mtu": 1410, "mru": 1410, "debug":"deebug", "dump":"dump", "lock": "lock", "modem":"modem", "proxyarp":"proxyarp", "lcp-echo-interval": 30, "lcp-echo-failure": 4, "connect-delay":5000, "interface" : "mobi" }

Verb    URI                        Description
GET    /xl2tpd/:id               Get xl2tpd.conf file
GET    /xl2tpd/chapsecrets/:id   Get chap-secrets file
GET    /xl2tpd/options/:id       Get options file

Verb    URI                        Description
DEL    /xl2tpd/:id               Delete xl2tpd.conf file
DEL    /xl2tpd/chapsecrets/:id   Delete chap-secrets file
DEL    /xl2tpd/options/:id       Delete options file