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cloudflash uproxy module implements uproxy configuration on cloudflash enabled devices


List of uproxy APIs

GET/uproxy/system/iniList summary of uproxy system configured
POST/uproxy/system/iniCreate uproxy system configuration
DELETE/uproxy/system/ini/:idDelete an uproxy system configuration by ID
GET/uproxy/system/xformcList summary of uproxy xforms configured
POST/uproxy/system/xformcCreate uproxy xforms configuration
DELETE/uproxy/system/xformc/:idDelete an uproxy xforms configuration by ID
GET/uproxy/xformhList uproxy xfh config.
POST/uproxy/xformhCreat uproxy xfh config.
PUT/uproxy/xformhUpdate uproxy xfh config.
DELETE/uproxy/xformh/:idDelete uproxy xfh config.