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    Cloudflare Security Events

    Extend your security view from the edge.

    Automatic Installation


    Open in Cloud Shell

    IAM Permissions

    Google Cloud Security Command Center makes use of organization and project-level IAM permissions. As such, the person who deploys this integration will need to have the Organization Admin role.


    If you run into errors, the cause is most like your permissions scope. Fix these by modifying .env.yml:

    cd cloudflare-security-events/deployment
    vim .env.yml

    Unless otherwise specified during onboarding, .env.yml looks inside the project (PROJECT_ID) for the BigQuery table and Cloud Storage bucket:

    // default settings – cloudflare_logs.camiliame_logs must be under active-incline-183216 for this to work
    PROJECT_ID: active-incline-183216
    GCLOUD_ORG: '1065635207347'
    CREDENTIALS: ./scc_key.json
    BUCKET_NAME: cloudflare-logs-bucket
    BQ_DATASET: cloudflare_dataset.events_table
    SERVICE_ACCOUNT: gcp-gcp-admin
    BASE_DIR: /usr/local/scc-serverless
    DEPLOYMENT_DIR: /usr/local/scc-serverless/deployment

    You can reassign environment variables to be project-specific like this:

    BQ_DATASET: some-project-200019.cloudflare_logs.some_table

    Manual Installation & API

    Note: if you don't have Logpush setup to stream logs in Google Cloud Storage, reach out to your customer success manager or go here if you know what you're doing:

    Open Google Cloud Shell and clone this repository, then set Cloudshell to the project you use to store Cloudflare logs

    gcloud config set project MY_PROJECT

    Enter project directory and install dependencies:

    cd cloudflare-security-events
    npm install

    Enable the necessary Cloud APIs to run the Cloudflare integration

    cfse enableAPIs

    Set Environment Variables and rewrite deployment files

    cfse setEnv

    Get service account key. Service Account will be created for you if necessary

    cfse getServiceAcctKey

    Deploy integration

    cfse deploy

    Test Configuration

    cfse scc post


    npm i cloudflare-security-events

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