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    Disclaimer: The multi-target application archive build tool is under heavy development and is currently in a pre-alpha stage. Some functionality is still missing and the APIs are subject to change; use at your own risk.


    The multi-target application archive builder is a standalone command-line tool that builds a deployment-ready multi-target application (MTA) archive .mtar file from the artifacts of an MTA project according to the project’s MTA development descriptor (mta.yaml file) or from module build artifacts according to the MTA deployment descriptor (mtad.yaml file).

    Multi-Target Application

    Before using this package, be sure you are familiar with the multi-target application concept and terminology. For background and detailed information, see the Multi-Target Application Model guide.



    Command Usage Description Supported
    version mbt -v Prints the multi-target application archive builder version. x
    help mbt -h Prints all the available commands. x
    assemble mbt assemble Creates an MTA archive .mtar file from the module build artifacts according to the MTA deployment descriptor (mtad.yaml file). Runs the command in the directory where the mtad.yaml file is located. Note: Make sure the path property of each module's mtad.yaml file points to the module's build artifacts you want to package into the target MTA archive. x

    For more information, see the command help output available via mbt [command] --help or mbt [command] -h.

    Milestone 1 - (Q1-Q2 - 2019)

    • Supports project-assembly-based deployment descriptors.
    • Supports the building of HTML5 applications (non repo).
    • Supports the building of node applications.
    • Partially supports build parameters (first phase):
      • Supports build dependencies.
      • Supports the copying of build results from other modules.
      • Supports the build results from a different location.
      • Supports target platforms.
    • Supports the generation of a default Makefile file.
    • Supports the generation of an mtad.yaml file from an mta.yaml file.
    • Supports the building of XSA and CF (Cloud Foundry) targets.

    Milestone 2 - (Q2 - 2019)

    • Supports the generation of verbose Makefile files.
    • Supports MTA extensions.
    • Supports the building of Java and Maven applications.
    • Supports ZIP builds.
    • Supports fetcher builds.
    • Supports build parameters:
      • Supports build options.
      • Supports ignore files and folders.
      • Supports the definition of timeouts.
      • Supports the naming of build artifacts.
    • Supports multi-schema.
    • Supports the enhancing of schema validations.
    • Supports semantic validations.
    • Partially supports the advanced mta.yaml (3.1 > 3.2) schema.

    ### Milestone 3 - (Q3 - 2019)

    • Supports parallel execution for the default Makefile file.
    • Supports incremental builds; in other words, one module at a time.

    ### Milestone 4 - (Q3 - 2019)

    • Supports the extensibility framework.
    • Fully supports the advanced mta.yaml (3.1 > 3.2) schema.

    Download and Installation

    There are two supported ways to install the multi-target application archive builder (MBT) tool:


    1. Download the latest binary file according to your operating system.
    2. Extract the archive file to the folder where you want to install the tool.
    3. Add the binary file to your ~/bin path according to your operating system:
      • Darwin / Linux
        • Copy the binary file to the ~/usr/local/bin/ folder, for example: cp mbt /usr/local/bin/
      • Windows
        • Copy the binary file mbt.exe to the C:/Windows/ folder.

    Use npm:

    npm install -g cloud-mta-build-tool


    Contributions are greatly appreciated. See the file for details.

    Known Issues

    No known major issues.


    Please follow our issue template on how to report an issue.

    ## License

    Copyright (c) 2019 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.

    This file is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License except as noted otherwise in the LICENSE file.




    npm i cloud-mta-build-tool

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