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Cloud Domapic Plugin

Domapic Plugin that connects Domapic Controller with Domapic Cloud service, making possible to control it remotely through the online app.

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The Cloud Domapic Plugin sends information about your Controller current public IP to the Domapic Cloud Service and maintains it up to date. It also retrieves information about your registered users, allowing them to login through the online app using Google Oauth.

It does not send passwords or any other sensible information about Controller users. It creates a new api key token for each registered user, and send this one among with the user email. Users can register by their self in the Domapic Cloud Service or sign in using Google Oauth, and then the Controller will appear in their list of authorized Servers. The specific permissions for the user in the Controller will be kept.

Once your Controller is synced with the Domapic Cloud Service using this plugin, each time you add a new user he will receive an email notification from Domapic Cloud, informing him about how to access.


npm i cloud-domapic-plugin -g


cloud-domapic-plugin start --controller=http://localhost:3000 --controllerApiKey=your-controller-api-key --cloudApiKey=your-cloud.domapic.com-api-key --save

The plugin will be started in background using pm2.

To display logs, type:

cloud-domapic-plugin logs #--lines=300 

For further info about all available commands, please read the domapic service documentation.


The plugin, apart of all common domapic services options, provides custom options for configuring the connection with Domapic Cloud and your Controller's public url:

  • cloudApiKey - Domapic Cloud server apiKey. You'll get it when you add your Controller to the Domapic Cloud application.
  • customPort - If your Controller is accessed from the internet through a different port than in the local area network, use this option to specify it.
  • customUrl - If you have a custom domain for accessing your Controller, you can define here the full url, including port. Is specified, the plugin will send this value instead of the public IP.


npm i cloud-domapic-plugin

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