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Colorful console output in NodeJS.


Colorful console output for your applications in NodeJS.

  • Colors for log, info, warn and error
  • Support custom labels
  • Support display level and custom display level
  • Tiny library
  • Easy to use


$ git clone


$ npm install clog
var clog = require('clog');

clog('server', 'start listening on port 3000');  // custom head

clog.log('hello', 'world');                      // console.log['foo', 'bar']);                       //
clog.warn('baz is deprecated.');                 // console.warn
clog.error('HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request');          // console.error
clog.debug('headers', {                          // console.debug
    'Content-Type': 'text/javascript'
// display level configration:
clog.configure({'log level': 2});
//=> {'log': true, 'info': true, 'warn': false, 'error': false, 'debug': false}

// custom display configration:
    'log level': {
        'log': true,
        'info': true,
        'warn': false,
        'error': true,
        'debug': false
//=> {'log': true, 'info': true, 'warn': false, 'error': true, 'debug': false}

Have fun!

MIT <3