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Turn your terminal into a canvas.

It is available through npm:

npm install clivas


It is easy to use

var clivas = require('clivas');
var frame = 0;
setInterval(function() {
    clivas.clear(); // clears the canvas 
    clivas.line('hello world (#frame '+frame+')');
    clivas.line('{red:also} {green:colors}!');
}, 200);

When you draw something with clivas you can use the format patten to help you

clivas.line('{red:i am red} and {blue: i am blue}');

If you wanted to inverse a color you would provide the inverse tag

clivas.line('{red+inverse:i am inversed}');

The format pattern can also help you add whitespace

clivas.line('[{10:===>}]'); // prints [===>      ] 


  • clivas.clear() - Clears the screen. If you called it would only clear up until the pin.

  • clivas.flush() - Clears everything below the cursor.

  •[lineNumber]) - Only clear to here when clivas.clear() is called

  • clivas.line(str) - Write a line (accepts a format string as described above)

  • clivas.write(str) - Same as clivas.line(str) except it does not add a newline

  • clivas.cursor(enable) - Enable or disable the terminal cursor

  • clivas.alias(name, value) - Add an alias to the format pattern i.e. clivas.alias('link', 'red+underline') enables you to use {link:}