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A simple cross platform clipboard manager created in Electron

Installation instructions

git clone 
npm install
npm start


You can copy text


...and images!


Edit clipboard


QR Codes!


Works on OS X, Windows and Linux. Tested only on Arch Linux + KDE, though.

To do

  • Paste formatted text. Without executing the javascript that's contained, that is.
  • Pagination
  • Change database to mongo, load the database into an array or whatever.
  • Notifications
  • Modal to show image larger?
  • More image formats. Image Magick would be required tho

Known bugs

  • Image saving is not async - it freezes the app for a second or two.
  • A weird case in which the window loses focus, and it's gone until it's focused manually. Huh.
  • Database sometimes decides to go crazy. Might be my fault, either way it'll be moved to mongodb or something.