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npm install -g clinic

Getting started

As a first step, run the clinic doctor:

clinic doctor -- node server.js

Then benchmark your server with wrk or autocannon:

wrk http://localhost:3000
autocannon http://localhost:3000

Finally shut down your server (Ctrl+C). Once the server process has shutdown clinic doctor will analyse the collected data and detect what type of issue you are having. Based on the issue type, it will provide a recommendation for you.

Report an issue

If you encounter any issue, feel free to send us an issue report at:

When creating an issue, it will be a huge help for us if you upload your data to the clinic cloud. To do this, use clinic upload:

clinic upload

More information

For more information use the --help option:

clinic doctor --help
clinic upload --help


-h | --help                Display Help
-v | --version             Display Version


Apache 2.0