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    We offer a powerful Javascript API that gives you flexibility and config, control and track over the behavior of the Cliengo Platform. You can decide, how, when and where to display the chat box on your site, as well as view and update visitor information. You can also track informations and events in web platforms out of the box, including Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Google Tag Manager.

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    To understand the development process of the cliengo-sdk library you have to manage 2 aspects: Testing and Building. Testing is done with Mocha as the test framework to define how tests are to be done. Mocha can be used with human-readable sintaxis by adding Chai, and can mock code components with Sinon.

    Cliengo SDK was built using generator-javascript-library.


    • Run the tests: npm run test or npm tests or npm t
    • Run the tests and compute coverage : npm run test:with-coverage. Html coverage reports will be in the "coverage/lcov-report/" folder.
    • Check that coverage is 100 percent: npm run test:check-coverage


    • Build your library for npm: npm run build:lib
    • Build your library for the browser: npm run build:umd or minified with npm run build:umd.min
    • All of the above: npm run build
    • If you chose to not have a browser build, there's just npm run build which does the same as npm run build:lib.

    Running in localhost

    • Build library dist/cliengo-sdk.js: npm run build:umd
    • Run in localhost with npm run start

    Other useful scripts

    • Clean coverage reports: npm run clean:coverage
    • Clean build artifacts: npm run clean:build
    • All of the above: npm run clean

    Commiting source code

    You can commit like you normally would, but you'll have to follow the angular conventional commit format. To help you do this you can use commitizen (see usage section).

    Before each commit is taken into account, the tests wil be run and the coverage will be checked. If this fails, you can commit with the same message by running git cz --retry.

    The commit message is also validated to ensure you respect the format. This is important so that the semantic-release module works properly.


    For every change in source code:

    git add .  
    npm run commit

    Alternatively, you can commit using commitizen installed globally with npm i -g commitizen and git cz. Choose the 'feat' commit type for the creation of your library! Then git push origin master to take your code into GitHub.


    To publish new versions in npm you have to be logged in with your npm account and be part of the Cliengo organization

    npm run build
    npm version <option>
    npm publish

    Where <option> can be major, minor or patch that modify major.minor.patch (Ex: 0.17.2). See npm version --help for more information.




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