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    Make a CLI by rewiring other CLIs.

    CLI Rewire is a tool that lets you take existing CLIs, reconfigure their options, and combine them together to form new commands. Using CLI Rewire, you can create CLI wrappers and toolchains like Create React App's react-scripts, Standard, XO, and kcd-scripts.

    CLI Rewire internally uses yargs to reconfigure args, cosmiconfig to override configs, and execa to run CLIs.

    🔧 Install

    npm install cli-rewire

    📝 Usage

    First, npm install each CLI you want to rewire into you project.

    Then, make a script file for each CLI. For example, if you wanted to rewire Jest to use a custom config by default:

    // jest.js
    const { getConfigPath, rewire } = require('cli-rewire')
    // Uses yargs-parser to rewire args; see yargs-parser docs for options
    const runJest = rewire({
      alias: {
        // Capture -c and --config
        config: 'c'
      default: {
        // If --config or -c isn't provided, find the user's Jest config.
        // If not found, use /path/to/my/jest.config.js.
        config: getConfigPath('jest', {}, '/path/to/my/jest.config.js'))
    // Run Jest CLI

    After making your scripts, wire them together in your CLI's bin file.

    // my-cli.js
    #!/usr/bin/env node
    const { wire } = require('cli-rewire')
    // Get script paths
    const scripts = [
    // Wire up the scripts together
    const runCLI = wire(scripts, {
      // Combine CLI commands to form your own custom commands
      commands: {
        format: [
          'prettier --write .'
        'test-ci': [
          'prettier --check .',
          'jest --ci'

    If this were published as a my-cli package, these would be a few possible commands:

    • my-cli babel my-file.js
    • my-cli prettier --check "src/**/*.js"
    • my-cli jest --silent
    • my-cli format
    • my-cli test-ci --verbose

    Users of your CLI would be able to run any of the rewired tools, as well as any custom commands you specified.


    npm i cli-rewire

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