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    CLI Nunjucks

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    A Simple Nunjucks CLI Wrapper and templates watcher with Extension support, to generate precompiled template files or static HTML files.


    # Using NPM?
    npm i -g cli-njk
    # Using Yarn?
    yarn add cli-njk


    $ njk <file|glob> [options]

    Just like Nunjucks CLI, the process.env object is added to the context as env.

    Basic examples

    $ njk foo.njk --options njk.json

    Compiles foo.njk to foo.html with options from njk.json (and variables from process.env as env).

    $ njk **/*.njk

    Compiles all .njk files (including subdirectories), except the ones starting by _ (so you can use them as layouts).

    CLI Options

    --help, -h, -?

    Setting this option will Display or Show the help

    $ njk --help


    Setting this option will Show the current version number

    $ njk -v
    # 1.0.0

    --path, -p

    This sets the path where templates live. Defaults to the path in process.cwd()

    $ njk *.njk -p src


    --outDir, --out, -D

    The path to output compiled templates

    $ njk *.njk -D dist


    The path to file for precompiled templates. When set, all discovered templates will be bundled into the file

    $ njk *.njk --outFile precompiled.js


    --watch, -w

    Watch files change, except files starting by "_"

    N/B: Template watching is only allowed for rendering and as such the --render flag must be used

    $ njk *.njk --watch --render

    --render, -r

    Whether or not to render files or precompile them. When not set, templates are precompiled and bundled if --outFile flag is used

    $ njk *.njk --render
    # Renders static HTML 

    --extension, -e

    Extension of the rendered or precompiled files

    # When rendering
    $ njk *.njk -r -e html
    # When precompiling...
    $ njk *.njk -e js

    --extensions, -E

    Set of Extensions to use. The extensions are included using nodejs' require().

    To use Nunjucks Reactive for instance, we can write something like this

    $ njk *.njk -E nunjucks-reactive

    Files in the --path specified can also be included using their relative paths.

    $ njk *.njk -E ./wrapfile ../extender


    --options, -O

    Setting up an options file can come quite handy. cli nunjucks currently supports two major scopes in options

    • Nunjucks options found in config

        "config": {
          "trimBlocks": true,
          "lstripBlocks": true,
          "noCache": true


    • Nunjucks Compiler options

      • Environment context
        "compiler": {
          "context": {
            "package": "cli-njk"
      • Array of extensions to load. Similar to using the -E flag
        "compiler": {
          "extensions": [
    • Nunjucks CLI options

      Some other cli options are supported provided its not their alias.

        "compiler": {
          "outDir": "dist"


    Advanced examples

    $ njk foo.njk -p src -o dist -O njk.json

    Compiles src/foo.njk to dist/foo.html, with njk.json as njk environment options.

    $ njk *.njk njk.json -w -r -p src

    Compiles and renders all .njk files -- except ones starting with _ -- in the src folder to the current working directory, with njk.json as metadata, and keeps running in the background for files changes.


    npm i cli-njk

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