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Native type conversion functions


Utility functions for converting strings to native types and vice versa.

npm install cli-native
npm test
var native = require('cli-native');'1,2,3', ',');                    // => [1, 2, 3]'true');                          // => true'false');                         // => false'null');                          // => null'undefined');                     // => undefined'value');                         // => 'value''{"arr":[1,2,3]}', null, true);   // => {arr: [1, 2 ,3]} 

Convert a string to a native type.

  • str: The string to convert.
  • delimiter: A delimiter to use to convert to arrays.
  • json: A boolean indicating that strings that appear to be JSON should be parsed.

Convert a native type to a string.

  • val: The value to convert to a string.
  • delimiter: A delimiter to used to join arrays.
  • json: A boolean indicating that complex objects should be serialized to JSON.

Everything is MIT. Read the license if you feel inclined.