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watch files and execute command on change


juggle is a command line utility that sits and watches files and takes action on changes.

describe what you want watched and what you want to do in the manifest.json

npm install -g cli-juggle
            "name":"LESS => CSS",
            "cmd": "lessc",
aclark >> juggle manifest.json
{{fullfile}}          # full file name 'home/less/style.less'
{{fileext}}           # file extension '.less'
{{path}}              # path of file   'home/less'
{{filename}}          # name of file   'style'
{{pathindex path 0}}  # name of index 0 in path 'home'
#Terminal Window 1
ls example
juggle manifest.json
#Terminal Window 2
ls example
touch ./less/style.less
  • As of 0.1.0 this will not work on Windows due to limitations in the syncExec package.
  • On OSX you will need Xcode installed.
  • tie in growl/notification support
  • more tests
  • better example
  • add commands to juggle to create manifests