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                                        CLI GitHub
                          A fancy GitHub client for command line.
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         iCCCC.   iCCCt CCCC  :CCCL . 1CCC1    LCCC tCCCi  1CCCi.CCCL . LCCC:
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$ cli-github

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A fancy GitHub client for command line.


  • NodeJS

  • GraphicsMagick

    # Ubuntu 
    $ sudo apt-get install graphicsmagick
    # Fedora 
    $ sudo dnf install GraphicsMagick
    # Mac OS X 
    $ brew install graphicsmagick


$ npm i -g cli-github


$ github

Use the following key shortcuts to access different GitHub resources:

News Feed

  • SHIFT + C: Create a new repository on GitHub.
  • SHIFT + P: Visit GitHub profiles (default: your GitHub profile).
  • SHIFT + I: View the open issues that are assigned to you.
  • SHIFT + R: View the open pull requests that created by you.
  • SHIFT + ←: Go back in history
  • SHIFT + →: Go forth in history


  • SHIFT + R: Fetch user's followers.
  • SHIFT + N: Fetch user's following.
  • SHIFT + M: Fetch the organization members.

User List

  • SHIFT + P: Visit GitHub profiles (default: your GitHub profile).



News Feed

Create repository



Pull Requests

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