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    CleverStyle Widgets

    CleverStyle Widgets is a set of useful unstyled custom elements (Web Components) that work nicely with Shadow DOM, ready for convenient data bindings and doesn't enforce any appearance by default (namely, almost no styling by default, just support for many CSS mixins, so you can style them the way you need).

    CleverStyle Widgets project was initially created as a part of CleverStyle Framework's UI, but now available as a separate project for everyone to use.

    There are automated tests yet, if you can contribute some - definitely do so!

    How to install

    npm install cleverstyle-widgets

    How to use

    1. Include Polymer on your page (only Polymer 2.x is supported, legacy window.Polymer is used) alongside with WebComponents polyfill with Shady DOM/CSS support (webcomponents-hi-sd-ce.js in order to support all major modern browsers)
    2. Include either src/index.html for using all components or pick relevant collection of separate components from src (make sure to include necessary bits from src/csw-0-behaviors-and-mixins too)
    3. Look at API for available elements and functions, their options and usage examples
    4. Configure appearance as you like using CleverStyle and DarkEnergy themes as an example (you can find all of the mixins that are current supported in source code), see screenshots for example of how components might look


    Feel free to create issues and send pull requests (for big changes create an issue first and link it from the PR), they are highly appreciated!

    When reading source code make sure to configure 1 tab to be 4 spaces (GitHub uses 8 by default), otherwise code might be hard to read.


    Free Public License 1.0.0 / Zero Clause BSD License


    npm i cleverstyle-widgets

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