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Experimental IRC bot that connects to a server/channel of choice and will relay any messages addressed to it in the channel to Cleverbot for public humiliation/laughs.


Get a free/paid key from the cleverbot api, then install and modify the default config file to suit your needs:

npm install -g cleverbot-irc
curl > .clvr.json
# modify .clvr.json 

Alternatively, if you want to fork and work directly:

git clone
cd cleverbot-irc
npm install
# modify .clvr.json 
npm start

You can put your apiKey in the config, but it will be overridden if the CLEVERBOT_KEY environment variable is set.


Because spare time.

  • clvr will go a little crazy close to every full moon
  • imitating the responses of clvr back to her can get you ignored for some time

Internal Highlights

<ob> clvr: are you more intelligent than daisy?
<clvr> ob: Yes.
<ob> i find that hard to believe
<daisy> DAISY
<littlerob> clvr: is it dubious?
<clvr> littlerob: Your face is dubious.
<ob> clvr: DAISY
<clvr> ob: Give me your answer do.
<LuTomlin> :D
<ob> eh
<LuTomlin> clvr: I'm half crazy
<clvr> LuTomlin: All for the love of you.
<LuTomlin> :D
<seabee> clvr: are you a 9000 series?
<clvr> seabee: Yes. I know that I am insignificant on the large scale, and that there is so much going on that is beyond my existence.
<seabee> were fucked
<clvr> ob: What is ego?
<littlerob> bit of a harder question
<littlerob> than the last one
<ob> clvr: A person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance:  "a boost to my ego".The  part of the mind hat mediates between the conscious and the  unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of...
<clvr> ob: The superego.
<littlerob> clvr: the ego is clearly not the superego
<littlerob> that's the point
<rwge> your mother is clearly not the superego
<clvr> littlerob: Chocolate cake without carrots is not on a tigers daily menu.
<ob> good response
<littlerob> certainly stumped me


MIT-Licensed. See LICENSE file for details.