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CleverStack ORM Module

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CleverStack NodeJS ORM Module

This CleverStack Module deeply integrates SequelizeJS into CleverStack, to provide an out of the box Object Relational Mapper which is rich in features, widely used and accepted, well tested, mature and reliable Enterprise Grade SQL (DB) Solution for CleverStack.


See for more detailed information on the Node seed or visit the Getting Started Guide. For more information about using clever-orm (and models in general) please see the Models Documentation.


  1. From your project folder run clever install clever-orm

  2. In the config file for your desired environment (ie. backend/config/local.json), update the clever-orm object with the details for your database.

  3. From your project's backend folder, run NODE_ENV=local grunt db. The database tables for your modules should now be installed and seeded with data!