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CleverStack Background Tasks Module

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CleverStack NodeJS Background Tasks Module

This CleverStack Module provides the ability to run multiple background processes that can run "Tasks", this free's the event loop up inside the http workers to respond to web requests while processing can take place in the background.


See for more detailed information on the Node seed or visit the Getting Started Guide


Simply add the following config to your /config/local.json (or into your global.json for all environments, or in whatever environment you are using). See


  1. grunt prompt:cleverBackgroundTasksConfig can be used to generate your config for any environment you want
  2. grunt prompt:addBackgroundTask can be used to add/edit tasks inside your config

Configuration files

    "clever-background-tasks": {
        "enabled" : true,
        "interval": 2500,
            { "name": "ExampleTask", "parallel": true }
        "driver": "redis",
        "redis": {
            "host": "localhost",
            "port": "11211"


Using CLI

  1. Run clever install clever-background-tasks and follow the prompts
  2. Run clever serve to start your application.

Without CLI

  1. Clone this repo (or untar it there) into your modules folder (ie modules/clever-background-tasks)
  2. Add 'clever-background-tasks' to the bundledDependencies array of your app's package.json.
  3. Run grunt prompt:cleverBackgroundTasksConfig and fill in your configuration options.
  4. Run grunt prompt:addBackgroundTask to add any tasks to your running configuration.
  5. Run grunt server to start your application.