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A nodejs module for cleaning up CSV files in a nice streaming parser.

Trims white space, changes delimiter to another one, remove spaces.

Using the module: Bash / cmd

Unix pipe a file straight into the CleanSV and select an -filename name

cat myfile.csv | node CleanSV -f clean.csv


  Usage: CleanSV.js [options]
    -h, --help                   output usage information
    -V, --version                output the version number
    -f, --filename [type]        Filename to pipe into
    --nt, --noTrim <columns>     Columns not to Trim
    --od, --outputDelim [delim]  The output delimiter
    --rq, --removeQuotes         Remove all quotes

Example with noTrim

Take a csv file

  fred,XX,  X
lisa  ,X   X,    X
  • fred & lisa in column A has a space at the beginning - we want that trimmed.
  • the Xs in columns B & C we want to keep as the spaces are important to the data.

So ...

cat myfile.csv | node CleanSV -f clean.csv --nt B,C

Cat myfile.csv piped into CleanSV

  • The output filename is clean.csv (-f clean.csv)
  • We don't want to trim column B and C (--nt B,C)

The resulting output file (clean.csv)

fred,XX,  X
list,X   X,    X