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cleaked (connected and recognized).

[Project Status : Experimental and Under Development, Subject to Major Changes]

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Cleaker is a pronoun representing a person, place, or thing in space and time and serves connecting all points within a fixed distance. Its role is to function as a Digital Identifier (DID) Creator; making cleaker accept an object (like a .me profile) and return a unique DID for it.

Install with npm.

npm i cleaker

Usage Example

Currently under development.

import { cleaker } from 'cleaker';
const me = { /*  profile data */ };
const ID = { /*  Network Identity Provider */ };
// Generate a DID
cleaker(me, ID); 

By implementing both SHA-256 and Keccak-256, cleaker becomes a versatile tool for creating DIDs that are compatible with major blockchain networks. This approach allows for the integration of cleaker with a variety of blockchain technologies and potentially opens up various use cases in the blockchain domain.

Getting Cleaked.

The server acts as a channel for these functionalities over the network.

Subdomains are a way to create a unique URL for each user. This is done by creating a wildcard DNS record that points all subdomains to the same server. Our server ( then parses the subdomain and uses it to identify the user. Any server can be setup.

This is done by using the request object in the server, to get the subdomain and then using it to query the database for the user.

  • If the user exists, the server will then route the request to the user's profile page.
  • If the user does not exist, the server will route the request to the homepage.

About All.This

Modular Data Structures: - - this.text - this.wallet - this.img - this.pixel - be.this - this.DOM - this.env - this.GUI - - - this.atom - this.dictionaries Each module in all.this represents a specific datastructure. These classes encapsulate the functionalities and data specific to their domain.


all.this not only aggregates these modules but also provides utilities to facilitate the integration, management, and enhancement of these data structures. For example: The integration with cleaker ensures each module instance has a unique cryptographic identity, enhancing security and data integrity. Ecosystem Glossary:

visit: Glossary

License & Policies

  • License: MIT License (see LICENSE for details).
  • Privacy Policy: Respects user privacy; no collection/storage of personal data.
  • Terms of Usage: Use responsibly. No guarantees/warranties provided. Terms | Privacy Learn more at Author: SuiGn By logo

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