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Translated timezones according to CLDR


npm install cldr_timezones


This project supports over 573 languages. We provide a file with a hash that has the translations. You should load it doing

var cldr_timezones = require('cldr_timezones').load('locale')

locale is a bcp-47 language tag. For example:

var es_timezones = require('cldr_timezones').load('es')

es_timezones["Europe/Moscow"] # "(GMT+04:00) Moscú"

var es_mx_timezones = require('cldr_timezones').load('es-MX')

es_mx_timezones["Europe/Moscow"] # "(GMT+04:00) Moscú"

var ja_timezones = require('cldr_timezones').load('ja')

ja_timezones["America/Cordoba"] # "(GMT-09:00)モスクワ"

The hash has the timezone indentifier as the key and the translation as the value.

How to build

You can create a file you can include for a web application using the Makefile.

For example:

make build TZ=./lib/en_US.js TZ+=./lib/es_MX.js

will create a build in ./dist/timezone.js with just those two locales.


Ana Martinez
License: MIT

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