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Clay is the way to 100% JavaScript Apps for Salesforce

When I imagined Clay, I thought of the perfect developer experience
Let us know how close we did @rodriguezartav.

  • Develop JS/Visualforce in your own Computer, preview automatically in Salesforce.
  • Upload Visualforce and Apps with one command.
  • Build Enterprise JavaScript in a Modular, maintainable way.
  • Use more than 80,000 JS libraries and hundreds of third-party services.

Build Single Page Apps - apps without page refresh, no click a wait!

Clay is Awesome to use when building standard HTML, CSS and JS browser apps while writing Enterprise Modular Code

Clay is Open - as a developer you can use Clay to build robust JS Apps, you are free to choose your favorite framework, patterns and tools.

Clay is an Automated Production Line of Apps - organizations can use it to automate the production of apps. Just like a production line of cars, Clay has robots that improve manual processes and allows your org to reach farther.

Clay will make you 10x Faster and 100X Happier, or we'll refund your time


Clay CLI requires NodeJS. After installing it, run the following command to install Clay.

npm install clay-cli -g

Some users may need to run sudo npm install clay-cli -g


Clay Docs and Wiki

The next generation of JavaScript Apps

Internet Users got used to the experience of Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and hundreds of the leading web apps. Business users however must conform with the old click-and-wait Apps where it takes ages ( and hundreds of page refreshes ) to get anything done.

There is a new generation of Apps which are amazing, reactive, beautiful, and, with Clay, possible. Give it a try and learn how simple it is to build modern JavaScript Applications in a modular, professional way.

The Production Line of Apps

Clay was built as a full-fledged professional production line and it has a command line tool to automate everything.

Clay introduces the concept of versioning when building JavaScript apps. Each deployment is versioned, which makes it super simple to go back to old builds.

In the same way, Clay introduces App Downloads, so you can download any version of an App and use it as a template for a new app. Your organization can set base projects or templates that are already structured in a standard way.

Dependency Management is automated, so there is no worries about one developer working in one version of jQuery clashing with another one. This integration is done automatically with every build.

Onboarding new developers is simple - no enviroment to setup, everything is standard. Training is simple as well, you may create apps specifically for that and have new-comers download them. That's how, with Clay, junior developers can build enterprise apps.


Clay may use a Salesforce Package to simplify Communication. https://github.com/3vot/clayforsalesforce

On the Shoulders of Giants

Clay is built on top of lessons and/or code from the leading open source libraries and minds in the world. Special recognition to Alex Maccaw for his vision and work on modular code with Spine and Hem Server Specially and to Substack's Unix Mentality and it's Browserify Open Source Library. The amazing work by Visionmedia is all over the place in Express and SuperAgent. Finally thanks to creationix for it's pair programming sessions.

Lessons learned while using Grunt and Yeoman definitely shaped Clay, but those projects are not used on the CLI.




npm i [email protected]





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