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Clappr Chromecast Plugin

A Clappr plugin that adds Chromecast support on Chrome browser. As with all apps running on Chromecast it requires the Google Cast extension installed on the browser.

Please notice it's still not production ready, as it lacks a way to select tracks (audio, subtitles), as well as display media information.


    <script src=""></script> 
    <script src=""></script> 
    <div id="player"></div>
      var player = new Clappr.Player({
        source: '//',
        plugins: [ChromecastPlugin],
        parentId: '#player',
        chromecast: {
          appId: '9DFB77C0',
          contentType: 'video/mp4',
          media: {
            type: ChromecastPlugin.Movie,
            title: 'Awesome Hot Air Balloon Slackline',
            subtitle: 'You won\'t get much closer to Skylining than this!'
          customData: {
            licenseURL: 'http://widevine/yourLicenseServer'

There's also a demo page.

Plugin parameters

The plugin parameters are passed through the embed parameters object under the chromecast key:

  • appId: indicates what Chromecast application id should be used (defaults to Clappr app id: 9DFB77C0).
  • contentType: overrides the default content type used by the plugin when loading the video. If not present, the plugin infers its value from the source URL.
  • media: an object that represents metadata to be presented on the Chromecast application. The supported metadata values are:
    • type: the type of the media. Currently the supported values are ChromecastPlugin.Movie (for movies), ChromecastPlugin.TvSeries (for TV episodes) and ChromecastPlugin.None (for generic metadata - can also be absent or set to null/undefined)
    • title: the title of the video/movie/episode
    • subtitle: the subtitle of the video/movie/episode
    • images: an array of content image URLs such as cover art or a thumbnail of the currently playing media
    • releaseDate: ISO 8601 date and/or time when the content was released
    • studio: movie studio (movie only)
    • originalAirdate: ISO 8601 date when the episode originally aired (TV episode only)
    • seriesTitle: TV series title (TV episode only)
    • season: TV episode season (TV episode only)
    • episode: TV episode number (TV episode only)
  • poster: a URL for an image that should be used as a poster when casting (optional)
  • customData: an object that can be used to pass additional parameters to a custom receiver (optional)


Install dependencies:

npm install


npm run build


npm start



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