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    An easy to use, open source clap button similar to the one on Allows users to clap once, or up to 50 times for a web page. Only requires 3 lines of HTML and an API to function (more below). For a turn key solution checkout

    Gif Example


    It doesn't take much to add the clap button to your site or blog. In the head of your HTML page you'll need to add a reference for a CSS file, and one more for a Javascript file.

    <!-- In the <head> of your HTML page. -->
    <script src=""></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />


    To use the button it's as easy as a single line.

    <!-- Where ever you want the button -->
    <button class="clap-button"></button>


    Options can be specified by adding HTML attributes to the button element.

    Dev Mode

    Enable dev mode by adding a data-dev attribute. This will stop the button from making API calls. That way you spam the button as much as you like without effecting clap counts.

    <button class="clap-button" data-dev="true"></button>

    Page URL

    By default the button detects the current page url using window.location.href. If you'd like to override this option it can be done by adding a data-url attribute to the button.

    <button class="clap-button" data-url=""></button>


    Sample of supported colors

    The button comes in multiple flavors red, green, blue, grey, and white! By default the button will be set to green but it can be easily changed with a data-color attribute.

    <button class="clap-button" data-color="red"></button>
    <button class="clap-button" data-color="green"></button>
    <button class="clap-button" data-color="blue"></button>
    <button class="clap-button" data-color="grey"></button>
    <button class="clap-button" data-color="white"></button>


    For persisting clap counts the button expects an API. By default it's configured to work with, but if you want to roll your own set up the button can accept a backend url as an attribute.

    <button class="clap-button" data-backend-url=""></button>

    Your API will just need to support two endpoints: one to get clap counts, and one to clap for a page.

    GET /clap - Get Clap Count

    GET endpoint that accepts a query string parameter of url that contains a URI encoded URL. Your backend should then be able to lookup the page via it's URL and return back the clap count as the body.


    To get the clap count for, a request would be routed to

    POST /clap - Clap For Page

    POST endpoint that takes a JSON body of { url:string, claps: number } to add claps to a page. The API doesn't need to return anything back other than 200 OK.


    If we wanted to clap 12 times for, we would send a POST request to with the following payload:

      "url": "",
      "claps": 12


    The clap icon was created by Chathura Kudahetti, LK and is available from:


    npm i clapbutton

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