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Clacks is a simple HTTP/URL path router for the Node.js HTTP Server.


npm install clacks


var Clacks = require("clacks");
var http = require("http");

var app = new Clacks();

app.get("/", function(req, res) {
    res.end("Hello world!");

app.get("/examples/:exampleID", function (req, res) {

http.createServer(app.dispatcher).listen(9292, "");



var app = new Clacks();

app.add(path, handler[, method])

Set up a handler for path and method.

handler should be a function, path a rails/sinatra-style url path, and method an uppercased HTTP method. If method is omitted, handler will be invoked whenever path matches, regardless of the HTTP method.

app.add("/foo", function (req, res) {
    res.end("you requested /foo with GET");
}, "GET");

app.add("/bar", function (req, res) {
    res.end("you POSTed to /bar");
}, "POST");

app.add("/baz", function (req, res) {
    res.end("/baz doesn't care what method you use");

handler will be called with two arguments, a request object and a response object. These are the standard Node.js HTTP server request and response objects. The request object has an additional 'path' attribute, which is an object holding path variables.

app.add("/users/:userID", function (req, res) {
    res.end("you asked for user " + req.path.userID);

app.head(path, handler)

Shortcut for app.add(path, handler, "HEAD").

app.get(path, handler)

Shortcut for app.add(path, handler, "GET")., handler)

Shortcut for app.add(path, handler, "POST").

app.put(path, handler)

Shortcut for app.add(path, handler, "PUT").

app.del(path, handler)

Shortcut for app.add(path, handler, "DELETE").

app.patch(path, handler)

Shortcut for app.add(path, handler, "PATCH").

app.notFound(req, res)

Invoked when no handler is found. It is unlikely you will need to call this function, but you can set the notFound property of your app to a custom function to implement your own not found handler.

app.dispatch(req, res)

Dispatch req and res to the appropriate handler. You're unlikely to need to call this function directly, though it may come in handy when testing or debugging.


Dispatcher function bound to app. Indented to be handed to http.createServer.