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CKEditor 5 Package Generator

The ckeditor5-package-generator is a tool dedicated for developers. It creates a working package with the development environment that allows for developing plugins for CKEditor 5.

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The minimal version of Node.js required by CKEditor 5 is 16.

While not necessary, it is also nice to have the latest version of yarn 1.x installed globally.

Creating a package

To create a new package without installing the tool, simply execute the following command:

npx ckeditor5-package-generator <packageName> [--use-npm] [--use-yarn] [--plugin-name <...>] [--lang <js|ts>] [--verbose]

The <packageName> argument is required and must follow these rules:

  • The provided name must match the schema: @scope/ckeditor5-*, where @scope is the owner of the package.
  • The package name must start with the ckeditor5- prefix.
  • Allowed characters are numbers (0-9), lowercase letters (a-z) and the following symbols: - . _.

If you want the plugin name to be different from the package name, you can use the --plugin-name modifier that must follow these rules:

  • It cannot start with a number.
  • The only allowed characters are numbers (0-9), lowercase and uppercase letters (A-z) and the underscore (_).

As a result of executing the command, a new directory with a package in it will be created. The directory's name will be equal to the specified package name without the @scope part, and it will contain an example plugin and the development environment.


  • --use-npm – use npm to install dependencies in a newly created package.
  • --use-yarn – use yarn to install dependencies in a newly created package.
  • --plugin-name – define a class name to be different from the package name.
  • --lang – (values: js | ts) choose whether the created package should use JavaScript or TypeScript. If omitted, the script will ask the user to choose it manually.
  • --verbose – (alias: -v) print additional logs about the current executed task.

What's next

Once the package is created, you are ready to start developing new CKEditor 5 features. You can check out these helpfull guides, too:




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