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    A highly configurable WYSIWYG HTML editor with hundreds of features, from creating rich text content with captioned images, videos, tables, or media embeds to pasting from Word and drag&drop image upload.

    Supports a broad range of browsers, including legacy ones.

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    Getting Started

    npm install --save ckeditor4

    Use it on your website:

    <div id="editor">
        <p>This is the editor content.</p>
    <script src="./node_modules/ckeditor4/ckeditor.js"></script>
        CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor' );

    You can also load CKEditor 4 using CDN.


    • Over 500 plugins in the Add-ons Repository.
    • Pasting from Microsoft Word and Excel.
    • Drag&drop image uploads.
    • Media embeds to insert videos, tweets, maps, slideshows.
    • Powerful clipboard integration.
    • Content quality control with Advanced Content Filter.
    • Extensible widget system.
    • Custom table selection.
    • Accessibility conforming to WCAG and Section 508.
    • Over 60 localizations available with full RTL support.


    The CKEditor 4 npm package comes in the standard-all preset, so it includes all official CKEditor plugins, with those from the standard package active by default.

    Further Resources

    If you are looking for CKEditor 5, here's a link to the relevant npm package:

    Browser Support

    IE / EdgeIE / Edge FirefoxFirefox ChromeChrome ChromeChrome (Android) SafariSafari iOS SafariiOS Safari OperaOpera
    IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Edge latest version latest version latest version latest version latest version latest version

    Find out more in the Browser Compatibility guide.


    If you would like to help maintain the project, follow the Contribution instructions.


    Copyright (c) 2003-2018, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved.

    For licensing, see or


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