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CK Array

I like the Observer pattern. It is clear, it is smooth and it shines when combined with JavaScript and CoffeeScript. This is why I've created this little library which creates an Observable array, an array into which you can pass an observer and pass handlers.

The following functionality is supported:

initialize the CkArray:

var CkArray = require('ck-array')
var a = new CkArray()

You can now pass in an observable by calling something like:

var observable = {
    prePush:    function(argument) {},
    postPush:   function(argument) {},
    preSlice:   function(arguments) {},
    postSlice:  function(result) {},
    preSplice:  function(arguments) {},
    postSplice: function(result) {},
a.observe( observable );

The argument value is of course the argument(s) passed into the function. There is no way to cancel the action yet in the 'pre' functions. There is no way to rollback yet. The result value is the result from calling the function on the array.

When you call one of the three methods on the Array:

  • push
  • slice
  • splice

Your function in the observable will be called.

Planned changes

There are a few things which I'd like to add to this observable array implementation, I would like a way to cancel and rollback a method call. I would also like to add implementations for all of the other array methods.

What will stay the same?

The 'thoughts' behind this implementation will not break in the coming releases. So most of the future extensions will be made to the observable object and the implementations of the other methods of the Array prototype. The current tests will not be broken.



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